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Welcome Back


We have implemented new policies due to Government Guidelines surrounding Covid-19. There are some things we have to ask you to respect which you may find unusual, and don’t like. Please know we don’t ask these things to make your life awkward, but because we are required to do so by law.

These include:

• Asking for your details for the NHS Track and Trace App – this can be done at your convenience online from your table. We have an offline option available too.

• Our opening hours have changed slightly; please have a look at our ’Find Us’ page for up-to-date opening times & food serving times.

• We have launched an App for you to order your food and drink! This is to minimise contact between yourself and staff. We will bring everything to the table for your convenience!

• Every guest will be allocated a table where they must sit. We are unable to allow standing at the bar or mingling between tables. This is to comply with social distancing rules.

• We are unable to allow entry to groups of over 6 people. We will also not accept 2 separate group bookings requesting to sit next to each other. This is to allow for social distancing and allow consistency in the application of this rule across our pub. Please follow our social media channels, where we will announce any relaxation to this rule

• Children are required to sit at your table with you at all times, unless going to the toilet where we ask they are accompanied by an adult.

• Dogs are more than welcome (we love them!) but they MUST be on a lead, at your table, and we cannot allow them on the furniture.

• Please respect our one way system. We hate it. But it is necessary.

• At busy times we will ask for your table back after 90 minutes. We will only do this where we have no other option, as we don’t want you to feel rushed. But everyone gets a turn!

• Items ordered from our pizza menu will come at a different time to the ones ordered from our main menu.

We hope you enjoy our new style pub and we will aim to make your time with us relaxing, enjoyable and fun!